FINARA Culture

FINARA Top 6 Core Values


The Finara Team - Our Winning Strategy

We're living in the information age where more than ever, a company's human resources constitute its most crucial competitive edge. The team and employees are the most valuable assets to FINARA International Ltd., the rival firms can copy our products, purchase fancier equipment, but they can't match our team: The FINARA team stands out from the rest!

A team of exceptional individuals is the power-engine for the company's growth. We do believe that each individual plays an important role in the organization and contributes to FINARA's success. FINARA gives people the space to be themselves. We respect and value every individual, as we think truly value the significance of each position in the company. Every FINARA team member is important to us!

FINARA Leadership & Teamwork

Employees need to be inspired. Only then will they find ways to use their personal skills. Only if they are enthused will they actually collaborate and work together as a team---which is vital to producing world-class results.

FINARA INT'L Ltd. donate one percent of revenue every year to non profitable organization as education fund for deprived children globally. Finara sincerely invites you to share and deliver your love to the world with us!
GLOBAL Recruitment
FINARA believes the talented people should pursue things that can continually keep "lighting his or her fire", instead of to throwing away their passion to do a job they don't enjoy. If you are crazy both about home decor, lifestyle accessories and international trade, we welcome you to join FINARA International Ltd.