Finara International Ltd. have invested and integrated 25 factories with various materials, to produce practical and quality stylish home/life wares. Our clients are mainly worldwide department stores, private label designers, chain stores of life accessories, and urban retail chain stores for home decors.

Finara is now expanding operation scales, and looking for global free-lanced designers to join us. If you are designers for home decors and life accessories or professional at relevant fields, welcome to join Finara and become one of us!

The Privilege of Being One of Finara Designers:

To Get Orders and Develop International Market as Our Partner;To Expand Business and Share Profits with Us!
When you get registered in Finara designer team and pass our assessment, you will have your own entrance account to log in Finara BMS System, from which you can upload your own work to Finara database to reach worldwide buyers. Once your work has been selected and put into production, your products will go to international market through Finara global channels, and you can earn certain fixed commission based on global sales volume. If your work has been put into sample without formal production and orders yet, the designed sample will be placed in Finara sample database to attract other buyers.
Design Being Selected, Sell to the Globe and Share the Profits
Finara only allow identified global buyers to access your designs. Once your design has been selected and put into sample, production, and deliver to sell, Finara ensure that you can earn commission based on our sales channels and sales volumes, and guarantee that you will enjoy corresponding rewards of the product orders in the following 3 years.
Designer Has Your Own Introduction Web Page to Promote Yourself Globally
In your own web page, your can share your life, work, and photos with global buyers and present your talent there. Your work being selected and put into production will be connected to your personal web page to help you promote your own brand, and get you ready onto international stage.