Q & A for joining designer team:

Q1: Is there any rule to upload design drawings?
A1: Yes, please refer to the sample file. Upload your drawings with text file after logging in.
Q2: Can I access to other designs?
A2: Designer can only check how many times has your design been reviewed, but cannot read other designer’s drawings or designs. Once your design has been made as a sample, but not been selected to put into production, the sample will be placed in our product database, or sample room, and all clients and designers can access them. Before each design is submitted, we will remind designers of certain points based on our production experience. Finara take each designer as brand creator and respect every design and creation.
Q3: Can you explain commission more specifically?
A3: After you get registered, your will receive a letter to explain profit percentage. If you agree with the content, your account will be activated. Due to different order volume and channel style of each project, commission will be different accordingly. You will sign e-contract with Finara for every new project in order to ensure rights of each other and clients. There is right/liability contract when you make application, we suggest you download it and review carefully before you sign on it and confirm to join the designer team.